Predicting Consumer Behavior

Predicting Consumer Behavior

Predicting consumer behavior is the Holy Grail for many brands in digital era. Mesonsoft believes its new social analytic products can help them do exactly that. Mesonsoft’s ground-breaking products allow brands to measure and predict consumer behavior by listening to their online presence.

Mesonsoft has come up with a product with not too many competitors and it is certainly a powerful tool when it comes to analyzing the vast, often overwhelming world of social conversations online. One of its biggest advantages is the fact that it can process consumer data over a long time period very quickly, providing results in real time. It is certainly more cost effective than traditional marketing research.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all consumers are online, and an even less of them will talk about a product online, unless they really, really hate it. The negative mentions far outweigh positive ones when it comes to products being talked about online. And while it’s easy to track the devices like smartphones and tablets that drive a lot of online chatter, what about the more pedestrian items, like chewing gum or toilet paper? Not exactly products people will take to the web for mass discussion. While this makes the software ideal for consumer products, its use is less obvious for B2B companies.

Nevertheless, in a world where digital conversations are only going to increase, Mesonsoft has positioned itself in a fairly unique space and we can expect companies to see some powerful results if the software is deployed effectively.

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